An Introduction to God
– by Yada

Yada, who prefers to remain anonymous, has graciously given permission to anybody and everybody to publish his important work, "An Introduction to God."  Simply click on a file name in the right column of the table below to download a PDF version of that part of Yada's masterpiece. Volume Five "Written In Stone" is newly uploaded and re-edited.

Chapter 0 Prelude
Chapter 1 Dabar - His Word
Chapter 2 Shem - His Name
Chapter 3, Part 1 Torah - His Teaching, Part 1
Chapter 3, Part 2 Torah - His Teaching, Part 2
Chapter 3, Part 3 Torah - His Teaching, Part 3
Chapter 3, Part 4 Torah - His Teaching, Part 4
Chapter 4 Beryth - His Covenant
Chapter 5 Re-Edited 2020 Mitswah - His Terms and Conditions
Chapter 6 Miqra'ey - His Invitations
Chapter 7 Derek - His Way

YHWH in Proto-Sinaitic (pictographic Hebrew) = יהוה = ee-ah-oh-ah = Yahowah

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Psalm 19:7
Yahowah's (YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew, 66x21) Torah (torah teaching, guidance, direction, and instruction) is complete and entirely perfect (tamym without defect, lacking nothing, correct, genuine, right, helpful, beneficial, and true), returning and restoring (suwb transforming) the soul (nepesh consciousness). Yahowah's testimony ('eduwth restoring and eternal witness) is trustworthy and reliable ('aman verifiable, confirming, supportive, and establishing), making understanding and obtaining wisdom (hakam educating and enlightening oneself to the point of comprehension) simple for the open-minded and receptive (pethy easy for those who are receptive).

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